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Sailing the Mediterranean With FEW

By Amy Pempel

We all know that FEW offers members business networking, learning, and philanthropic opportunities, but there’s another benefit that was on full display this spring – friendships. What better way to nurture and celebrate those friendships than travel. And not just any travel but international travel aboard a tall sailing ship cruising from Barcelona to the French Riviera.

Six FEW members – Debbie Clements, Carol Felsing, Debra Hendrickson, Amy Pempel, Virginia Poe and Sara VanArsdel took to the seas in May for a glorious week-long cruise arranged by Debbie, our travel agent extraordinaire.

The journey, on board the Star Clipper (only around 170 passenger capacity) and in each of the ports was memorable with lots of photo taking, authentic dining, guided tours with spectacular scenery and access to museums, cathedrals, casinos, shopping, and so much more.  There was dancing (Go Carol & Marlyn!), and perhaps a little (but who’s counting?) wine and champagne to enjoy together as well.

The journey was memorable in so many ways with many stories to tell, but the common thread for these six adventurers was FEW.
As Carol puts it, “It’s the unexpected moments, unplanned adventures, and friendships that I will remember the most and will always bring a smile to my soul when I think about the trip.”

“The Star Clipper is a unique traveling experience made even better when enjoyed with friends,” shares Debra Hendrickson. “One particular highlight was catching up with Margot Knight, former president/CEO at United Arts of Central Florida and a former FEW guest speaker, who was coincidently in Barcelona, our port of departure, with her husband, Nick. They are living their life as traveling full-time nomads exploring the many corners of the world.”

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