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A Season to Transition

By Delphine Wharton

As the summer comes to a halt, individuals can ponder on the many activities that were shared with friends and loved ones, along with lessons learned and moments that may have taken their breath away.

One lesson that we’ve all learned during the summer of 2023, is the meaning of “The Dog Days of Summer”. Amid trying to adjust to the new average daily temperature of 100 Degrees, I believe we all shared similar activities that consisted of finding a cool space to relax and explore, while wearing lighter garments and quenching our thrust with a preferred summer libation.

Amongst the many activities that our illustrious organization provides during this time, there was a few of them that were truly breath-taking moments. A particular one happened when we achieved our annual scholarship goal while empowering the lives of 5 winners, and enriched their future by our dedicated FEW leaders who proposed to become mentors. I’m sure that was a moment that they will remember for years to come! Congratulations to our Scholars: Amanda Santiago, Valencia College; Angechemia Sylfain, Bethune Cookman University; Leshara Lowery, Seminole State College; Marianna Sorroza, UCF; and Sharon Bennette, Rollins College. We are so very proud of you and look forward to your continued success in higher education, with the end goal of having a bright and impactful future!

Upon the heels of dedicating our funds and celebratory moments towards supporting our future leaders of Central Florida, many of us then invested 24 hours of Fun and Laughter at our Annual Retreat that was held on the sandy beaches of The Hard Rock Hotel in Daytona, FL. Hosted by our amazing Retreat Chair Christi Ashby, the tone was set to create an atmosphere which allowed us the opportunity to foster and cultivate new relationships, while sharing experiences and creating beautiful memories to follow our days ahead.

Now it’s October! You could start to fill a cool breeze as the sunsets, and the lighter garments are transitioning towards the beautiful colors of autumn. The scent of Pumpkin Spice filters the air, which offers the mindset to be prepared for great food, football, family, and FUN.

Studies have shown that girls’ sense of gender is determined predominantly by their childhood experiences. The most significant influence on gender roles occurs in the family setting, with parents and guardians modeling and passing on their own beliefs about gender.

As we move into the holiday season, lets continue to lead our efforts and focus on Community Engagement, Business Collaboration and Empowering Like-Minded Women Leaders.

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