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Love is in the Air and it’s More than Just Flowers.

Valentines can bring a host of nostalgic feelings and great memories, as well as expectations of beautiful flowers, heart shaped boxes filled with an assortment of chocolate delights, along with sentimental cards and unexpected wonders of the unknown. As a child, you can’t help but wonder how many Valentine cards you will receive from your classmates, or who will be that special boy or girl to receive a “I think you’re special” card or gift.

What girl doesn’t like diamonds and pearls.
As we age, this is a moment when we start to collect our most expensive jewelry, high-end watches, and designer handbags. One might think these items were purchased during the recent gift giving holiday season, but research from the National Retail Federation (NRF) shows that US consumers spent $23.9 billion in Feb. 2022. There are very few gift-giving occasions as personal as Valentine’s Day, so consumers will inevitably be scouring for personalized solutions. Gone are the days when you could only be impressed with what a study from Statista presents as common gifts for Valentine’s Day in the U.S. — food treats (29%), flowers and jewelry (16%), clothing (10%), and electronics (9%).

This is the time to think differently.
The advancement of technology and social media can often interfere with thinking outside the box when it comes to being intentional about gifts that offer sentimental value and meaningful impact like jewelry, flowers and candy. As a woman in leadership, my desire for meaningful gifts have thrust me into more “self-care” products and services. Often, we’re so busy giving of ourselves to growing corporations, nurturing family members, and advocating for community outreach programs, that we rarely take the time to nourish and replenish ourselves. This is a great opportunity to inform our loved ones who see us as “That Special One” to think of a more personalized gift that will truly awaken and boost our dopamine levels. Here are a few ideas to consider.

The gift that keeps on giving
For those of you who have been dreaming of starting a business or setting up for early retirement, now is the time to gift yourself a financial planner or wealth advisor to assist you with these endeavors. Your company is ready to expand to a larger audience, now is the time to hire an advertising company. Maybe you’ve been pondering about starting your own non-profit organization or company, I’m sure a corporate attorney will be happy to offer you sound advice, while protecting those great business plans. You’ve been the sounding board and advisor to so many others, who’s there for you to discuss your most precious inner thoughts? I would highly recommend hiring a professional therapist or executive coach. How is your nutritional plan or exercise regimen coming along for the New Year? Maybe it’s time to lean on our FEW sisters who have already mastered this goal.

As a fellow member of the Florida Executive Women organization, we can find “our special Valentine or Galantine” right at our fingertips. So, as you ponder how to receive your most meaningful gift this year, head on over to our members directory and explore the many gift options to share with your loved ones.
Happy Valentines my fellow FEW sisters! 

Happy Valentines my fellow FEW Sisters!

Yours Truly,

Delphine Wharton
FEW President

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